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Spatial Filters & Apertures


Spatial Filters

Spatial filters are designed for use either intracavity as mode selectors, or extracavity to clean up the outer fringes of a propagating laser beam. All assemblies come mounted on a standard U.S. Laser carriage mount, and feature lockable 40 pitch micrometer thread X-Y axis adjustments. Individual apertures are precision machined and threaded for easy removal and replacement.

Part No. Description
N1020 Intracavity two axis adjustable spacial filter assembly with interchangeable apertures. Assembly bis supplied with four interchangeable apertures, .050", .056", .060", and .067", other sizes available on request. Available apertures range in size from .01." -.125" (see catalog model #1042 for available sizes).

Rotary Aperture Assembly

Intracavity two axis micrometer adjustable spatial filter assembly with an adjustable aperture wheel. Wheel is drilled with eight precision apertures, and may be rotated to select the desired size.

Part No. Description
N1021 Rotary Aperture Assembly with aperture sizes ranging from .040" - .161"

Intracavity Spatial Filter Assembly

Intracavity two axis micrometer adjustable spatial filter assembly with a replaceable aperture. Available apertures range in size from .010" -.125" (see Part No N1042 for available sizes)

Part No. Description
N1020 Spatial Filter Assembly with four replaceable apertures ( .050", .056", .060", and .067")

Intracavity Spatial Filter Apertures

Replacement apertures for Model N1020 spatial filter assembly

Part No. Aperture Diameter
N1042-1 .010"
N1042-2 .015"
N1042-3 .020"
N1042-4 .025"
N1042-5 .030"
N1042-6 .036"
N1042-7 .040"
N1042-8 .046"
N1042-9 .050"
N1042-10 .052"
N1042-11 .056"
N1042-12 .060"
N1042-13 .062"
N1042-14 .067"
N1042-15 .070"
N1042-16 .080"
N1042-17 .090"
N1042-18 .100"
N1042-19 .110"
N1042-20 .125"

Far-Field Aperture Assembly

The Far-Field Aperture (spatial filter) is designed for use extracavity, in the beam path of a laser system as a clean-up aperture.  It consists of an adjustable two axis precision mount, and a replaceable aperture. Available apertures range in size from .125" -.500" (see part # N1043 for available sizes)

Part No. Description
N1022 Far field aperture assembly with set of 4 interchangeable apertures

Extracavity Far-Field Apertures

These replaceable apertures are designed to be used with Model N1022 spatial filter assembly.

Part No. Aperture Diameter
N1043-1 .125"
N1043-2 .156"
N1043-3 .187"
N1043-4 .250"
N1043-5 .375"
N1043-6 .437"
N1043-7 .500"

Laser solutions for your world
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