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US LASER CORP: Product Catalog

Beam Delivery Systems


Beam Delivery Systems

The U.S. Laser beam delivery systems are complete packages designed to be integrated with existing laser systems. The optical system design permits the focal planes of the laser and the CCTV system to be aligned coplanar, allowing accurate focus adjustment using the visual image. An adjustable cross hair is provided as a visual indication of the actual spot position, which is especially helpful when using invisible laser beams. Systems are provided completely assembled, and include rigid mechanical structure, CCD closed circuit TV camera and monitor, precision focusing barrel, computer designed multi-element objective lens, upcollimator assembly, dichroic mirror, and all necessary CCTV camera optics. Systems are completely wired, and feature all necessary interlocks and emission eminent indicator light, and are ready to be integrated with a CDRH compatible laser system.

Two versions of the system are available, one which bolts directly to the U.S. Laser optical rail (or others that are compatible). The second plate mounted version is designed to be mounted to a common mounting plate on which the laser and optical system are mounted. Various upcollimator ratios and objective lens focal lengths are available, as well as coatings for appropriate laser wavelengths. A dual CCTV camera version is also available where two different magnification levels are desirable.

For further information on the U.S. Laser Beam Delivery Systems, contact us for our separate beam delivery brochure.

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Part No. Description:
N1001-1 rail mounted ( mounts to U.S. Laser and compatible optical rails)
N1001-2 plate mounted
N1001-3 dual camera, plate mounted
N1001-4 plate mounted, for use with Quantronix (Gaertner style) optical rails
N1001-5 special

VIEWING AND FOCUSING ASSEMBLYN1002 Viewing and Focusing assembly

The USL Model N1002 V&F assembly features the basic functions as the Model N1001 but is smaller in size, and lower in cost. The system is designed to be easily mounted to a laser enclosure by direct mounting or with an adapter tube, and will accept input beams up to 1 1/4" diameter. The system includes a high resolution CCD CCTV camera with a flat panel monitor and electronic crosshair generator assembly. An optical filter is integrated to prevent stray laser light from damaging the CCD camera. A high damage resistant dichroic mirror is used to bend the beam 90 degrees to the objective lens assembly. A series of apochromatic and aplanatic lenses are available as well as a range of best form lenses. The lens is mounted in a precision focusing barrel which will provide 1" of fine focus travel and 2" of coarse travel.

Focusing Barrels

The U.S. Laser focusing barrel is designed to hold the system objective lens, and provide precise focus adjustment. The focusing barrel is precision machined to provide 1" of fine focusing travel, and an additional 2" of coarse focus. Fine adjustment is obtained by rotating the outer knurled barrel, which move the lens .0003" per degree of rotation. To prevent spot wander, the lens is not rotated during focusing. Coarse focus is adjusted by loosening the lock ring, and manually adjusting the coarse focusing sleeve. The objective lens is threaded into the focusing barrel using standard 32 pitch optical threads. A mounting flange is provided to facilitate mounting. This is the same focusing barrel used in the Model N1001 Beam Delivery Systems.

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Part No. Description:
N1027 Focusing barrel assembly

Gas Nozzles

A series of gas nozzles is available for use with the U.S. Laser conventional beam delivery systems (Model N1001).

Inert Gas Nozzles

Inert gas nozzles are designed to bring a low pressure inert gas shield coaxially with the laser beam when welding, soldering, or other applications where oxidation is undesirable. Nozzle assemblies are available for use with both the USL conventional beam delivery system, and fiber optic beam delivery systems. The inert gas nozzle attaches directly to exit of the focusing barrel, (Model N1027) or fiber optic coupler, and is provided with four interchangeable diameter orifices. A series of orifice spacers is also provided, to accommodate different focal length objective lenses.

Part No. Description:
N1032-1 Inert gas nozzle with 4 interchangeable orifices

Cutting Nozzles

Cutting nozzles are designed for high velocity pressurized gas delivery when laser cutting. Nozzles are provided with a selection of appropriately sized orifices, which are fabricated from damage resistant copper, and are easily replaceable. Nozzle is fully adjustable in x-y position, as well as orifice height in relation to the lens focus plane (standoff distance). The A/R coated fused silica objective lens is integral and is included with the nozzle assembly. The lens is isolated from the pressurized gas delivery chamber with a replaceable A/R coated fused silica window. This protects the lens from dirt and debris, and isolates it from the high pressure gas. The cutting nozzle attaches directly to the USL focusing barrel with 1.750-32 external threads, and will accept beams up to 1.25" diameter (31.75mm). Special mounting adapters are also available.

Part No. Description:
N1032-2 Cutting nozzle for use with USL conventional beam delivery system (Model 1001). Includes 80mm A/R coated fused silica objective lens, with 3 interchangable copper nozzle tips with different diameter oficices, and A/R coated fused silica window.
N1032-2-1 Same as above, but with 100mm A/R coated Fused Silica lens.


Scavenging Nozzles

Scavenging nozzles are design with a central pressurized gas delivery section to force debris from the cut or scribe area, and an annular vacuum section, to collect the debris displaced by the pressure section.  The scavenging nozzles have adjustable orifice centering to allow precise alignment of the beam center to the center of the orifice, and come with a series of interchangeable nozzle orifices. The pressure section is isolated from the objective lens with a replaceable A/R coated window. Vacuum section standoff distance is also adjustable. This nozzle is designed to be mounted directly to the Model 1027 focusing barrel, and is available for use with 40mm or 60mm lenses. For suitability of use for other applications, contact the USL sales department.

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Part No. Description:
N1032-3 Inert gas scavenging nozzle. Has adjustable central pressure delivery system with interchangeable orifices and annular vacuum scavenging with adjustable standoff distance.

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