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US LASER CORP: Product Catalog



CCTV Components

U.S. Laser offers a line of components to support its beam delivery systems with CCTV viewing. Various components such as camera lenses, filters, and corrector lenses are available to extend the utility of existing systems, as well as items such as replacement cameras and monitors.

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CCTV Lenses

These special low F# CCTV lenses are used with the U.S. Laser beam delivery systems to vary the image magnification. All lenses feature a C-mount (1"-32 thread) and may be used with CCTV cameras on any U.S. Laser conventional beam delivery system.

Part No. Description
N3915-1 50mm f:1.4  (46 mm filter thread)
N3915-2 75mm f:1.4 (58 mm filter thread)
N3915-4 2X CCTV focal length extender


Filter adapters are used to adapt 58 mm threaded U.S. Laser filters ( N3921 and N3922) and corrector lenses (N3920 to the various CCTV lenses available for use with the U.S. Laser model N1001 beam delivery optics.  These adapters thread directly fit into the CCTV lens, and allow the mounting of the standard 58 mm filters.  The most commonly used adapters are listed below.  For assistance  with others adapters, please contact U.S. Laser sales department.  

Adapts the listed Camera thread to the standard 58 mm filter thread.

Part No. Description
N3924-1 46 mm camera thread to 58 mm filter thread
N3924-2 52 mm camera thread to 58 mm filter thread

Corrector Lenses

The corrector lens is used to shift the focal plane of the visual CCTV image such that it is coplanar with the laser's focal plane. Lenses are mounted in an aluminum cell, and thread directly into the 58mm CCTV camera lens.

Part No. Correction
N3920-1 -0.50 diopter
N3920-2 -0.75 diopter
N3920-3 -1.0 diopter


These 58mm cell mounted filters are used to block the transmission of unwanted laser light, while simultaneously transmitting sufficient visual light for the CCTV system.  Polarizing filters are used to reduce visual glare from highly reflective objects.  

Part No. Description
N3921-1 blocks 1064 nm laser light, 58mm CCTV mount
N3921-2 blocks 532 nm laser light, 58 mm CCTV mount
N3922 polarizing filter ( used to minimize glare) -1=58mm -2 49mm
N3923-1 CCTV blocking filters mounted in special cell for use with US Laser Model N1001 viewing and focusing optics.   Blocks 1064 nm laser light.
N3923-2 blocks 532 nm laser light
N3923-3 blocks 1064 nm & 532 nm laser light

Cameras and Monitors

Replacement CCD CCTV cameras, monitors and accessories for use with U.S. Laser beam delivery systems. (Cameras include camera power supply and cable, but do not include lens or mount)






Part No. Description:
N3901-1 B/W CCD CCTV camera, high resolution, for use with Model N1001 beam delivery systems
N3901-2 Color CCD CCTV camera, high resolution, for use with Model N1001 beam delivery systems
N3903-1 19" flat panel monitor for use with above cameras 115VAC 50/60 Hz

Electronic Crosshair Generator

The electronic crosshair generator is used to project an adjustable reference crosshair on a black and white or color closed circuit TV monitor when a positional reference is required. Video from the CCTV camera is passed through the crosshair generator control box to the CCTV monitor. A crosshair is electronically projected onto the screen. The crosshair position is adjustable in X-Y position, and may be selected to be displayed in black or white.

Part No. Description:
N8400 Electronic crosshair generator, 115 VAC

Fiber Optic Ring Illuminator

The fiber optic ring illuminator is designed to provide uniform high intensity lighting for viewing and focusing systems with CCTV, such as Model N1001. The illuminator assembly consists of a 150 watt adjustable high intensity light source, and a 30" long fiber delivered ring shaped light source. The ring illuminator directly attaches to the focusing barrel assembly, and provides uniform illumination at the focal plane of the objective lens.


Part No. Description:
N3912 Fiber Optic Ring Illuminator Assembly, 115 VAC

Coaxial Illuminator:

The USL coaxial illuminator assembly is designed for use with the model 1001 Viewing and Focusing Assembly, which comes with provisions for mounting. The illuminator assembly comes complete with adjustable intensity power supply, and a 50/50 beamsplitter, which is necessary for installation. Coaxial illumination is recommended on systems with high magnification ratios, or whenever high intensity normal incidence illumination is required. The illuminator also has an integral variable polarizer, which is helpful in minimizing glare from reflective surfaces, and an infrared blocking filter. When used with USL model 1001 V & F assemblies, a 50/50 beamsplitter (P/N 3476) is required.

Part No. Description:
N3913 Coaxial Illuminator assembly with 12 volt D.C. power supply

Gooseneck Halogen Illuminator:

The U.S. Laser gooseneck halogen illuminator provides a convenient way of providing illumination in laser workstations or as an illumination source for the model N1001 Viewing and Focusing optics.  The 115 VAC illuminator features a built-in 12 Volt power supply, a replaceable 20 watt low voltage halogen bulb, and a 27" flexible shaft which can be set as required to provide the desired illumination angle and level.



Part No. Description:
N3914 27" Gooseneck Halogen Illuminator, 115 VAC

CCTV Camera Mounts

US Laser CCTV camera mounts are designated to mount and position CCD cameras (such as the USL 3901) used in USL beam delivery systems.  These mounts provide a convenient way of securely holding the camera while providing a means to rotate the camera in 90 degree increments for image orientation.


Part No. Description:
N3905 CCTV camera mount assembly (does not include camera or lens)

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