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Power Supplies for Linear Krypton Arc Lamps

U.S. Laser manufactures current controlled arc lamp power supplies for C.W. pumping of Nd:YAG laser crystals. The standard series is applicable to krypton lamps with arc voltages of 60 volts to 375 volts, and currents up to 50 amps. Custom power supplies are available for special lamps and mobile equipment.

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Phase Modulated Power Supplies

S.C.R. based, phase angle controlled power supplies are intended for rugged industrial applications. The units are rack mountable, and include a front panel current control, current meter, hour meter, and start button. A rear panel connector is standard, and allows for remote current control. These power supplies are intended to operate in conjunction with an isolation/voltage matching transformer (consult factory). All require 208-240VAC, 3O service.

Part No. Max Output Voltage, Current, Power
N8001-2 170 Volts, 23 Amps, 4 KW
N8001-1 275 Volts, 50 Amps, 13.5 KW
N8001-3 360 Volts, 50 Amps, 18 KW

Switching Power Supplies

Switching power supplies are smaller, lighter, and exhibit lower ripple content than SCR based power supplies. U.S. Laser switching power supplies are recommended for mobile equipment, micro-machining applications, and systems requiring rapid current modulation. Rack panel versions include a front panel current control, current meter, hour meter, and start button. All U.S. Laser switching power supplies may be controlled via a rear panel connector.

N8084 120 Volts 22 Amps 2.2 KW No 1O 115VAC, 22 Amps No
N8083 200 Volts 25 Amps 4.0 KW No 1O 208-230VAC, 22 Amps No
N8081 200 Volts 25 Amps 4.0 KW No 3O 208-230VAC, 13 Amps No
N8083-1 200 Volts 25 Amps 4.0 KW Yes 1O 208-230VAC, 22 Amps No
N8081-1 200 Volts 25 Amps 4.0 KW Yes 3O 208-230VAC, 13 Amps No
N8080 260 Volts 50 Amps 13.0 KW Yes 3O 208-230VAC, 40 Amps No *
N8082 360 Volts 50 Amps 18.0 KW Yes 208-230VAC, 3O, 58 Amps Yes

* Input transformer recommended for low voltage applications. For maximum output voltage capability, a 225 VAC line is necessary.

R.F. Driver Modules and Assemblies

The U.S. Laser RF driver series is intended for powering shear wave acousto-optic Q-switches that are impedance matched to 50 ohms. The drivers include a modulation input, output power adjust control, and R.F. output via BNC jack. Standard drivers are adjustable to 65 watts of output R.F. power. Dual output drivers are adjustable to 55 watts of R.F. output per channel. The standard series R.F. drivers are also available as packaged assemblies, which include the power supply, cooling fan, and mounting plates.

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Module Only Assembly Description
N8801 N8811 24.00 MHz, single output
N8802 N8812 27.12 MHz, single output
N8805 N8815 24.00 MHz, dual output
N8806 N8816 27.12 MHz, dual output

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

U.S. Laser stocks a complete line of printed circuit boards for the systems it manufactures. We also provide an economical repair service for circuit boards with minor problems. If you have an old or obsolete laser system with a circuit board problem, contact us. We have been successful in repairing board from many old laser systems, even when schematics or other documentation is unavailable. Please contact us to discuss your problem, perhaps we can help.

Laser solutions for your world
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