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US LASER CORP: Product Catalog

Laser Head Parts


Laser Cavity Reflectors

Replacement reflectors are precision machined and high reflectivity gold plated to provide high efficiency when used with Nd:YAG lasers. Cavities are available as either complete assemblies or in pieces. Special cavity configurations or plating are available on special order, please contact U.S. Laser sales dept.

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Assembly Ellipse Half End Plate Set

For Laser:

N3701-1 N3701-2 N3701-3 U.S. Laser model 402A
N3702-1 N3702-2 N3702-3 JEC model 1020
N3703-1 N3703-2 N3703-3 U.S. Laser model 403A, 403C
N3704-1 N3704-2 N3704-3 JEC model 1024
N3705-1 N3705-2 N3705-3 U.S. Laser model 403T
N3706-1 N3706-2 N3706-3 U.S. Laser model 403
N3707-1 N3707-2 N3707-3 U.S. Laser model 404T
N3708-1 N3708-2 N3708-3 U.S. Laser model 404, 404C
N3709-1 N3709-2 N3709-3 U.S. Laser model 405
N3710-1 N3710-2 N3710-3 U.S. Laser model 406
N3711-1 N3711-2 N3711-3 U.S. Laser model 408

O'Ring Kits

U.S. Laser O'ring kits include all necessary O'rings to completely rebuild or overhaul a laser head. All supplied o'rings are high temperature silicone, to assure perfect water sealing at both low and high temperatures. Laser rod holder Teflon O'rings are not included in these kits, see separate section for rod holder o'rings. Individual O'rings are also available, consult factory.

Part No. For Lasers:
N3115-A U.S. Laser model 402, Control Laser model 510, and Holobeam model 255 and 256
N3115-B Control Laser model 512
N3115-C Holobeam model 2550
N3115-D Control Laser model 258 and 520, Holobeam model 258
N3115-E Control Laser and Holobeam model 2660
N3115-F U.S. Laser model 402A
N3115-G U.S. Laser model 403C
N3115-H U.S. Laser model 403T
N3115-I U.S. Laser model 404/404L
N3115-J U.S. Laser model 405 (Angle head)
N3115-K U.S. Laser model 406
N3115-L U.S. Laser model 403A
N3115-M U.S. Laser model 408
N3115-N U.S. Laser model 404T
N3115-O JEC model 1020 and 1024
N3115-P U.S. Laser model 405 (Straight head)
N3115-Q U.S. Laser model 303 Pulsed laser head

Laser Rod Holder O'Rings

Rod holder o'rings are designed specifically for use with U.S. Laser rod holders. O'rings are fabricated from virgin teflon, to provide the best possible rod seal, and come in packages of 6 pieces.

Part No. For:
N3116-1 3mm diameter rod
N3116-2 4mm diameter rod
N3116-3 5mm diameter rod
N3116-4 6.35mm (1/4") diameter rod
N3116-5 7mm diameter rod

Lamp Clips

U. S. Laser lamp clips are direct replacements for the systems listed below. Clips are gold or nickel plated to provide corrosion resistance to distilled water.

Part No. For Laser:
N3108-A U.S Laser model 402, 403C, JEC model 1020 and 1024, Control Laser model 510 and 512, Lasermetrics model 9550
N3108-B U.S. Laser models 402A, 403A, 403T, 404, 404T, and 405
N3108-C U.S. Laser models 406 and 408

Miscellaneous Hardware

U.S. Laser stocks laser head hardware for not only its own product line, but for many other popular industrial laser systems. In addition to current systems, U.S. Laser supports many systems which are obsolete or for which current support is unavailable. Please contact the U.S. Laser sales staff for further information regarding your needs for current or hard to find laser head hardware.


Laser solutions for your world
825 Windham Court N. - Wyckoff, NJ 07481

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