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Laser solutions           
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Laser Lamps

U.S. Laser stocks high quality, long life lamps for many commercial Nd:YAG laser systems. Lamps are fully tested, and are drop-in replacements for the laser systems listed below. Quantity discounts are available for high volume users, consult sales department.  

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CW Krypton Lamps

Part No. For Laser:
N3000 U.S. Laser model 408
N3000-A Special high voltage version of the above lamp
N3001 Holobeam 255 and 256, Control Laser 510, and JEC model 1020
N3001-A U.S. Laser model 402A
N3002 U.S. Laser model 403C
N3002-A U.S. Laser model 403A
N3002-N Control Laser 512 and JEC model 1024
N3004 U.S. Laser model 403T, Holobeam model 257, 258, and 2550, Control Laser 258, 514, and 520
N3005 U.S. Laser model 404, Holobeam 2660, Control Laser 2660 and 530
N3005-T U.S. Laser model 404T
N3006 U.S. Laser model 405
N3007 U.S. Laser model 406

Linear Pulsed Lamps

Part No. For Laser:
N3011 U.S. Laser model 302A
N3012-1 U.S. Laser model 303 (4 mm bore)
N3012-2 U.S. Laser model 303 (5 mm bore)
N3012-3 U.S. Laser model 303 (6 mm bore)
N3013-1 U.S. Laser model 305 (5 mm bore)
N3013-2 U.S. Laser model 305 (6 mm bore)
N3013-3 U.S. Laser model 305 (7 mm bore)
N3030 Holobeam model 1200 (12" arc length)

Laser solutions for your world
825 Windham Court N. - Wyckoff, NJ 07481

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