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US LASER CORP: Product Catalog

Laser Heads


Laser Head Assemblies

U.S. Laser offers complete high performance C.W. laser heads. They may be used as replacements or upgrades on existing U.S. Laser systems, or as replacements on systems produced by other manufacturers. For those building their own laser systems, these head assemblies provide a means of achieving optimum performance with minimal engineering. Replacement head assemblies include: lower housing and cover, mounted laser rod assembly, high efficiency gold plated reflector assembly, O'rings, flow tubes, long life krypton arc lamp, water fittings, electrical connectors, carriage mount, and any other hardware necessary. For further technical information or assistance in selecting the correct head assembly for your application, consult the U.S. Laser sales dept.

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Part No. For Laser:
N3730 U.S. Laser model 402A, 255, 510, (30W-40W)
N3731 U.S. Laser model 403C, 512, 403L (65W-70W)
N3732 U.S. Laser model 403A, compact version,(65W-70W)
N3733 U.S. Laser model 403T, (10W-14W TEM00)
N3734 U.S. Laser model 404, (125W-150W)
N3735 U.S. Laser model 404T, (16W-18W TEM00)
N3736 U.S. Laser model 405, (200W-250W)
N3737 U.S. Laser model 406, (400W-500W)
N3738 U.S. Laser model 408, (600W-700W)

Replacement Laser Head Housings      

Replacement head blocks feature LexanŽ construction and special inserts to minimize head erosion, and optimize water flow.  Heads are direct replacements for the lasers listed below.  Where special insert are used, they are included.  



Base Top For Laser
N3720-1 N3720-2 U.S. Laser model 402A
N3721-1 N3721-2 U.S. Laser model 403A
N3722-1 N3722-2 U.S. Laser model 403C
N3723-1 N3723-2 U.S. Laser model 403T
N3724-1 N3724-2 U.S. Laser model 404, 404L
N3725-1 N3725-2 U.S. Laser model 404T
N3726-1 N3726-2 U.S. Laser model 405  (angled head block)
N3726-1-1 N3726-1-2 U.S. Laser model 405  (straight head block)
N3727-1 N3727-2 U.S. Laser model 406
N3728-1 N3728-2 U.S. Laser model 408
N3729-1 N3729-2 JEC model 1024 (Dyed Plexiglas housing)

Laser solutions for your world
825 Windham Court N. - Wyckoff, NJ 07481

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