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US LASER CORP: Product Catalog

Spotting and Alignment Lasers


Helium-Neon Laser

A small low power visible continuous laser for use in general purpose alignment and spotting applications. Laser operates at 632.8 nm, in the red portion of the spectrum, and is directly compatible with the Model N1023 mount. Power Supply (not shown), is also included. Its diminsions are 129 mm wide x 61 mm high x 136 mm deep. Power required is 115 VAC, 60 Hz. He-Ne lasers are also available with a polarized output, contact the USLsales dept. Output beam diameter for all lasers is < 1mm, and is centered in the tube O.D.

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Part No. Description
N1024-1 2 milliwatt 632.8 nm Helium-Neon laser (randomly polarized). Laser head dimensions: 35.1 mm dia. x 280 mm long.
N1024-2 5 milliwatt 632.8 nm Helium-Neon laser (randomly polarize). Laser head dimensions: 44.5 mm dia x 397 mm long.
N1024-3 0.5 milliwatt 632.8nm Helium-Neon laser (randomly polarized). Laser head dimensions: 31.8 mm dia. x 178 mm long.

Helium-Neon Laser Mount

An adjustable mount for holding low power Helium-Neon lasers used for spotting applications. Mount allows He-Ne to be adjusted in X-Y and tilt, and comes mounted on a U.S. Laser carriage mount.

Part No. Description
N1023 Adjustable He-Ne mount assembly. Compatible with U.S. Laser, Control Laser, Lee Laser, Holobeam, and Lasermetrics optical rails.

Diode Spotting Laser Assembly

The diode spotting laser assembly consists of a solid state diode laser, a four axis positioning mount, and a power supply to drive the laser diode. The laser diode is mounted in an appropriately sized heatsink, and is equipped with an integral optical filter to prevent damage from stray 1064 nm laser light. The four axis mount provides precision adjustment in the X and Y axes, as well as two axes of tilt. Spotting lasers are available in two wavelengths, a version which operates in the red portion on the spectrum at 635nm, and a version which operates in the green, at 532nm.






Part No. Description
N1010-1 3mw red diode spotting laser assembly, including 4 axis mount and U.S. Laser marker mount (second photo)
N1010-1-G 5 mw green spotting laser assembly operating at 532nm, including 4 axis mount and USL marker mount.
N1010-2 As above, but mounted on a standard U.S. Laser carriage mount (Large photo with power supply)
N1010-3 Replacement 3mw red laser diode for above assembly (Third photo)
N1010-3-G Replacement 5mw green laser diode for the above assembly.
N1010-4 Replacement 115 VAC power supply for the above laser diode (Fourth photo)
N1010-4-G Replacement 115 VAC power supply for the above green diode laser.

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