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Special Purpose Laser Systems


Special Purpose Laser Systems

U.S. Laser specializes in building systems for specialized applications. We are experts in designing and building custom conventional and fiber optic beam delivery systems to focus and shape the laser beam. Motion systems are an integral part of any turn-key system, and we offer both fixed and moving beam systems based on x-y tables and galvanometers. Multiple axes and complex computer controlled motion is not a problem. All systems are built around a rigid welded steel frame structure to provide the stability demanded of an industrial system. Since U.S. Laser builds all of its own lasers, we can even custom design or modify an existing laser to accommodate even the most demanding application. Shown to the right is a typical custom system designed for sealing parts in vacuum system.

Laser solutions for your world
825 Windham Court N. - Wyckoff, NJ 07481

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