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US LASER CORP: Product Catalog

Test and Alignment Equipment


TEST AND ALIGNMENT EQUIPMENT: This series of test equipment is intended to simplify the laser user's job by providing high quality test and alignment equipment for service and maintenance. All of the equipment listed below are typical of the equipment used by USL service egnineers.


This precision alignment autocollimator is used in the initial setup of a laser system, where laser action is not present. A tiny beam of light is projected through the laser system. At each optical surface, a portion of the beam is reflected back. These back returns are observed in the autocollimator eyepiece, and allow system alignment by superimposing the returns using existing laser system adjustments. Autocollimator comes on a mount with a standard U.S. Laser carriage mount, and an adjustable power supply to vary the light source intensity.

Part No. Description
N1016 Autocollimator assembly with mount, for 110 VAC, 60 Hz operation
N1016-M Autocollimator assembly with marker mount for 115 VAC, 60 Hz operation.
N1016-1 same as N1016, but for 220 VAC, 50 Hz operation
N1016-2 Autocollimator replacement bolb socket with cable.
N1016-3 Replacement 115VAC power supply.
N1016-4 Replacement autocollimator bulb.

Infrared Viewer

Nd:YAG Lasers operating at 1064 nm produce a beam that is invisible to the naked eye. The infrared viewer has a built in imaging system which allows one to directly view the invisible beam. The infrared viewer is hand held, and has an adjustable lens system to allow in-focus imaging of the laser beam. An adjustable iris is also included, which allows one very the image intensity for comfortable viewing. Power for the infrared viewer is from a 9 volt battery source, which is built into the unit and is easily replaceable. Response range is from 800 nm - 1300 nm. -

Part No. Description
N1017 Infrared viewer

Mode Check Lens Assembly

A mounted negative lens in a black anodized aluminum holder which slides over the rear mirror holder typical of U.S. Laser and most other CW laser systems. The negative lens expands the rear mirror leakage beam which may be directly viewed using an infrared viewer such as Model N1017.

Part No. Description
N3963 Mode check lens assembly

Focus Coincidence Kit

The focus coincidence kit is used to verify the coincidence of the laser beam to the CCTV image on Model N1000 beam delivery optics with CCTV. The laser beam is scanned over an angle plate to which a piece of burn paper has been attached. The image produced is an hourglass shape representative of the focal region. By adjusting the CCTV focus to the center of the focal region, coincidence between the visual image and the laser beam is achieved. The focus coincidence kit is supplied with the necessary angle plate, and a package of burn paper.

Part No. Description
N3962 Focus coincidence kit

Laser Burn Paper

Black laser radiation sensitive paper used to visually display a laser beams size shape, or mode structure. Supplied in a package of 20 2" X 4" sheets.

Part No. Description
N3961 Laser burn paper package

R.F. Wattmeter

The R.F. wattmeter is an inline device used to measure the output of the R.F. drivers typically used in laser systems. It is also valuable in checking the condition of the Q-switch, by measuring forward and reflected power. Unit is supplied with a 100 watt R.F. pad, responsive from 2-30 MHz. Pads for other frequencies are available, consult with sales dept.

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Part No. Description
N1025 R.F. Wattmeter

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