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High Power Q-switched Lasers for Surface Modification

U.S. Laser Corporation's high power AO Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers (400Q series) are ideal for various surface modification applications, including paint stripping, decontamination, rapid prototyping and surface ablation. They provide high energy, high peak power pulses at high repetition rates. Model 406Q is the highest power laser of this type available today, with pulse energy of 60 mj at 1 KHz (peak power of 0.9 MW), and operation at up to 50 khz. For less demanding applications, lower power models are available. The lasers feature U.S. Laser's proprietary dual Q-switch technology and high efficiency single lamp laser heads. They are available with high performance beam delivery systems, both fiber optic and conventional, and can be operated in the CW as well as Q-switched mode.

U.S. Laser Corp. is the leading U.S. manufacturer of Nd:YAG lasers and laser systems for industrial materials processing. We offer the widest range of output powers (from 7 watts TEM00 to >2000 watts), plus Q-switched, frequency doubled and quadrupled models. Our beam delivery systems (conventional and fiber optic) are state-of the-art in beam quality and transmission, and feature integrated coaxial CCTV viewing. We can provide standard and custom turnkey systems for welding, cutting, scribing, trimming, soldering, and specialty applications. Our fully equipped laser applications lab is available for demonstration and process development.

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Laser solutions for your world
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