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High Power CW Nd:YAG
Cavity Spacing vs. Brightness

The optical rail design of U.S. Laser's high power CW Nd:YAG laser system provides for significant versatility in matching the output power and beam quality to the requirements of the application.

Optical components like the laser cavity mirrors and laser head are mounted on separate carriages, which are installed on a laser rail. The spacing of the laser cavity mirrors from the laser head determines the laser beam output quality and power. These parameters define beam brightness and focused spot size. A close cavity configuration with a 600 or 800 micron core diameter fiber can be used for welding and cladding applications. A spread cavity configuration with a 400 micron core diameter fiber provides for a smaller spot for cutting or other applications requiring higher brightness.

The table below details beam divergence and diameter measurements (D*theta product) for U.S. Laser Corporation's high power CW Nd:YAG laser model 408-1 with various cavity spread configurations.

Table 1. 408-1 D*Theta versus Cavity Spacing

Laser Cavity Mirror Spacing (inches)

Laser Power (watts)1 Laser Lamp Current (amps) Divergence, theta (milli-radians)1 Beam Diameter, D (mm)1 D*theta Product

1 (close cavity)

650 48 25 4.85 120


550 44 17 4.8 80


400 38 11 4.6 50


450 42 15 4.6 70

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