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US LASER CORP: Press Release 

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U.S. Laser Corporation develops Fiber Optic Beam Delivery System for Galvanometer Scan Head Delivered Nd:YAG Laser for Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratories


U.S. Laser has developed a fiber optic beam delivery system for use with a galvanometer scan head delivered Nd:YAG laser used in radiation decontamination experiments at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.  

The application requires the scan head be mounted on a robot that accesses the contaminated area.  The laser is installed in a remote uncontaminated area over ten meters away. 

Princeton Plasma physics Laboratory has been experimenting with a high power CW Nd:YAG laser to decontaminate the inside of the fusion reactor.  The reactor is lined with graphite tiles.  Tritium, which is used as fuel in the reactor, becomes imbedded in the graphite tiles.  PPPL has discovered that if the tiles are heated sufficiently, the tritium releases from the graphite and can be collected.  Since the reactor is too large to place in a furnace for heating, another method had to be found.

Successful experiments on individual tiles have been conducted with a 325 watt CW multi-mode Nd:YAG laser fitted with a galvanometer scan head.  The next step in the development process was to deliver the laser beam to the scan head through a flexible fiber optic cable.  The scan head is fitted to a specially designed robot that enters the fusion reactor and completes the decontamination process.  

Scan head technology has long been used in laser marking capabilities.  The innovation of delivering a laser beam many meters away from the laser source will now allow applications in facilities where, due to environmental or space considerations, the laser cannot be located near the work surface.

U.S. Laser's solution delivered in excess of 97% of the laser output power to the scan head in a collimated beam.

Additional information on Fiber Optic Beam Delivery (FOBD) is available under Technical Notes at: Notes

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